I’m interested in the painting The Family of Eldred Lancelot Lee and Family at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. As part of the Poetry Readers’ group in the town, I’m considering writing a poem about it (for performance in art gallery in August). I’m particularly interested in the detail of the squirrel. Would you know anything about why this was included? Does it have any particular significance? I read on your website that you delivered a paper about this painting — is there anywhere I could access it to read it?

Best wishes, Jane Seabourne

ps: congrats on your Ph D

  • Hi Jane – Many thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay in responding (I am currently on location for the Mike Leigh film I am working on). The squirrel is the heraldic animal of the Lee family and forms part of their coat of arms. Wolverhampton Art Gallery have a lot of information on the Lee family and this painting. Good luck with your performance. Jackie

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