Welcome to the website of Dr Jacqueline Riding, art historian, historian, adviser and author.

Jacqueline specialises in Georgian history and art. She is an experienced adviser and consultant for museums, historic buildings and film (see Consultant) including Wilton’s Music Hall and JMW Turner’s villa, Sandycombe Lodge in Twickenham. She was the research consultant for Mike Leigh’s award-winning feature film Mr. Turner (2014) and is now working on his next film Peterloo. She also advised Number 9 Films on their forthcoming Colette biopic.

The paperback of her major book Jacobites: A New History of the ’45 Rebellion (Bloomsbury) is out now. Order it here.

Reviews for Jacobites:

Tom Holland, “A gripping, panoramic and timely account of the greatest eighteenth-century crisis to menace the Union of Great Britain.”

Colin Kidd, The Guardian “a fresh and historically convincing perspective“, “an enthralling narrative“, “a work of penetrating insight and dispassionate balance, which is captivating from start to finish.”

Rab Houston, BBC History Magazine “it is to Jacqueline Riding’s credit that she manages to avoid partiality. Indeed, those who want an accessible, comprehensive, even-handed, and up-to-date survey, without myth or mysticism, apology or polemic, will find her book suits their purposes admirably”, “alert to the implications of the rising for the creation of a truly united United Kingdom and for the formation of the British empire”, “the book has an unusually acute sense of person and place“, “both scholarly and readable, with 60 bite-sized chapters each presenting a detailed, vivid part of a complex rebellion”, “pieced together from many small components and first-hand perspectives … Diplomacy, warfare and politics all feature but so too does human strength and frailty; there are the great and the good (and the not-so-good) but also the more obscure, all with a fascinating part to play in one of Britain’s defining crises.”

Ian Hernon, Tribune Magazine “In this page-turning, impeccably researched account”, the author “weaves a more complex tale than is taught in schools either side of the border”.

Geoffrey Scott, The Tablet, “the most comprehensive account in modern times”, “vivid storytelling and lively characterisation“.

Stuart Kelly, The Scotsman, “a forensic and accomplished account”, “one of the most nuanced and sophisticated histories of the ’45”, “Time and again, it offers fresh perspectives and interesting angles.”

Dominic Green, Literary Review, “substantial, deeply researched and fast-moving history of  ‘the Forty-Five’ … which mingles the thrill of revolt with a careful analysis of international contexts and motives.”

Catholic Herald, “Jacqueline Riding achieves a remarkable feat in producing a history which is both compulsively readable and factually packed. Having brilliantly toured the political situation of mid eighteenth-century Western Europe, she takes us along on the political (and then military) campaign trail with the Young Pretender. But the triumph of Riding’s new account of the 1745 rebellion is that, as we move from Rome, through Paris, to Scotland and England, we are taken grippingly from romance to comedy, and even high farce, before the eventual tragedy”.

In Autumn 2016 Jacqueline will be talking about Jacobites at Wigtown Book Festival on Tues 27 September, Lincoln Book Festival on Fri 30 September, Warwick Words History Festival on Sat 8 October, Birkbeck College University of London on Tues 11 October, Harrogate History Festival on Sat 22 October, and Richmond Literature Festival on Sat 19 November. Read her recent articles ’10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites’ for BBC History Magazine and ‘Flower of Scotland: The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion’ for History Today.

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