Art History

Author, ‘The mere relation of the sufferings of others’: Joseph Highmore, History Painting and the Foundling Hospital’, Art History [Journal of the Association of Art Historians], March 2012. Includes a reanalysis of the art scheme within the mid-Georgian Governors’ Court Room at the London Foundling Hospital. For the abstract see ‘News and Events’

History Today (article)

Author, ‘Charlie will come again’ in History Today, April 2011. John Pettie’s ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie entering the ballroom at Holyrood’ (1892) and the making of a Jacobite icon.

The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-46 is an important turning point in British history. Yet despite decades of re-evaluation and scholarship the event remains, among the wider public, the legend of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and his romantic but doomed attempt to regain a stolen crown.

Art Quarterly

Reviewer, ‘Penelope Treadwell, Johann Zoffany: Artist and Adventurer, Paul Holberton’, 2009 in Art Quarterly (The Art Fund) Spring 2010.

Johann Zoffany (1733-1810) is invariably the bridesmaid, never the bride: often a participant but, with a few noble exceptions, rarely centre stage. He is not alone. Eighteenth-century British Art has been divided habitually between the Ages of Hogarth and Reynolds, the native-particular and the classical-grand manner, and within either camp Zoffany sits uneasily.